Lorikeets at Lowry Park Zoo

DSC_9880 DSC_9886 DSC_9893 DSC_9908 DSC_9910 DSC_9917 DSC_9920 DSC_9921 DSC_9952 DSC_9941 DSC_9957

The lorikeets at Lowry Park Zoo are so much fun to watch. On a recent trip I spent some time in the big aviary watching them play and bath. This was the first time watching them take a bath in the fountain. I took a ton of pictures. They looked like they were having so much fun.

20mom_badgeWEBShine the Divine

5 thoughts on “Lorikeets at Lowry Park Zoo

  1. Love that 3rd shot. You know, one of these days were going to bump into each other at one of the local parks. Maybe we should were an arm band or something, so we’ll recognize each other ;O)

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