My first pintail








I had read there was a Northern pintail floating around a small pond near my office. I had to wait until the weekend to get there since I was working late that week. The pond sits in front of a church. I pulled in and thought “I’ll need to walk around the pond and still probably not find it.” Sometimes you get lucky. I walked a few feet from my car and there was the pintail. There were two of them there. They were dubbed Mary and Joseph at first but then the female was thought to be a juvenile male so it was a male and his son? One of them stayed hiding under a tree and the other one started floating around the pond and showing off. I snapped a few shots and left but not before shooting the usual “Take my picture too” mallard that came by.

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  1. I was at the same church today (I think) and I also saw my first Northern Pintail! I also saw a Northern Shoveler and a Blue Winged Teal, among others.

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