A duck with a peacock head


My first male bufflehead, swimming with a moorhen.


There was no mate to be seen.


Feeding in the reeds.


He is a beautiful duck with that white body and blue, green and purple face. He looks like he has peacock colors.


As I’m sitting in the grass taking pictures of the bufflehead, I look up and this mallard is looking at me like “What’s all the fuss about? I’m a good-looking dude too.”

I have seen a female bufflehead which looks nothing like the male. All drab colors. You can see my post on her from last winter here. When I heard there was a male near my house, I had to get out and at least try to find him. He was in a small pond in between some office buildings and a hospital. I parked in an empty lot right next to the lake and walked over to the grass and there he was. I sat down, snapped a few pictures and then left. I didn’t want to freak him out. Maybe a lady will show up soon and they can hang out together all winter.

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