I’m going to look for a duck.


“I’m eating over here.” said the spoonbill.


I realized as he flew off he was banded. I could not make out the numbers on either picture.


Another palm warbler.


Yellow rumped warblers are starting to show up.


Turtle face.


Stretching out on the floating pad in the pond.


The cormorants rule the boardwalk.


A tiny turtle soaking up some sun.

Another one on a log.


Blue jay with a nut from a palm tree.

This was the first time I have walked around the trail and boardwalk at Carillon park on a Saturday morning. Since it’s so close to work I usually only go after work in the summer. It’s usually packed with joggers and walkers. It was quiet this morning and weird to be there on a Saturday since it’s surrounded by office buildings. I went looking for an albino coot that had been reported there everyday for a week. Of course, by the time I get there, he’s gone. Maybe he was just close by and will come back over before winter is over.

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11 thoughts on “I’m going to look for a duck.

  1. Hey, On that 5th pic of the whatever. What the heck is that? It looks like a cross between a snake and pig, has a pig snout? Is somebody trying to
    crossbreed a few animals. The girl next to me that gets your emails to just googled Pig turtle, she said they have a couple at the GA Aquarium.

  2. Wonderful shots! I really love the patterns in the turtle on the log shot…great wavy lines in the water, on the turtle and on the log. Awesome! But all the photos are just great. Didn’t see the albino coot, but you found so many other treasures!

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