Largo Nature Preserve


The usual friendly gnatcatcher.

Some type of warbler?  Looks like a palm warbler but they don’t have the white tips on their wings.


Osprey right over the boardwalk.


Female anhinga right over the boardwalk.


Weird spiky plant.


This guy was right below the boardwalk. I only had my fixed 300mm so this was all I could get.


Yellow crowned night heron looking grumpy.


Ducks on the golf course across the creek.


Bitter gourd or balsam pear are both names for this fruit. You can only eat it when it’s green and then you must cook it.  Eating it uncooked or when it’s yellow/orange is very toxic. I think I’ll skip it even though it has a ton of nutritional value.


Male anhinga drying off his feathers (or showing off for the ladies nearby).

I hadn’t been to the Largo Central Park Nature Preserve in months. Since it’s not too far away and I had limited time on a recent Saturday morning I headed over for a visit. It’s a small park with a golf course on one side of it and an electrical plant on one side. Not a lot of birds but I did get to see the otters that live there. More on those later.

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  1. It is too bad you don’t get paid big bucks for every place I add to our ‘must visit’ list because of what I read on your blog! You would be a millionaire. The yellow-crowned is funny with that expression …. and I love all the birds an gators, which I miss! Time to head back (it really is). Happy Thanksgiving.

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