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So I’m standing in the “Bar” when a man walks up and says “You wanna look at my cuckoo?”  The real story –  I started walking down the trail at Circle B Bar Reserve and this nice man with a scope stopped me and said “I have yellow billed cuckoo in my scope.” I had never seen one before even though they are often spotted at Fort Desoto.  He was so well camouflaged in that bush. How did he see that bird so far out in the marsh. He said he saw something fly in and was able to get it on the scope. The first two pictures are from that bush and are extremely cropped. I thought to myself “The rest of the day is gravy!” Later in the day, I had one fly into a tree right in front of me. Could it have been the same bird I saw that morning or another one? He moved around the tree a few times but then came out and posed for me for a while. It’s always feast or famine. I have looked for this bird so many times at Fort Desoto with no luck. This is one beautiful bird.

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  1. i love seeing the yellow-billed cuckoos! sadly, the closest i’ve gotten (sitting in my hand) were after they crashed into our sliding glass doors – that time it recovered. seems we lose at least one of them every summer.

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