Another Big Red sighting – Skywatch Friday


Another one of the local reddish egrets was hunting for fish right next to the roped off sanctuary. This one was not in breeding colors. Do they know how funny and entertaining they are?


“Hey lady, I caught one this big?”


“I am a bird angel.”


“I can’t believe I caught this fish!”


“Now what am I suppose to do with it?”


“Yippy! I’m at the beach.”


“I’m having way too much fun.”


This is my view when I’m standing there taking pictures of the reddish egret. If it wasn’t so hot it would have been a perfect morning.


It looked like it might rain for a while but it stayed sunny on the beach all morning. It’s always handy to have my Iphone in my pocket. This shot and the one above was taken with it. I didn’t have my wide-angle lens with me and I would have had to walk all the way back to the parking lot to get these shots with my 300mm. I knew if I walked back that far, I was getting in my car and cranking up the AC!  Still a fun morning and I ran into some crazy friends also out looking for birds.

Steve Scott Diana

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