Baby black necked stilts in the ditch.


Black necked stilt couple in the muck.


What are they looking at?


A baby black neck stilt.


Baby was wandering around in the puddles.




A little bit older baby. Almost as big as the parent but his legs aren’t pink yet.


He was walking around looking for food.


Reflection in the water.


The water was really low in the ditch by work. This was early July before the rainy season had started. I had seen a black neck stilt family on my way to lunch one day and brought my camera to work the next day. After work I stopped at the ditch and realized there were several black neck stilt families. I think this was a record number of stilts in this ditch. All of these were taken from the car window and cropped. If I opened the door they would freak out and the parents would fly away. They are very skittish birds so I just sat in the car, took a few pictures and left.

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  1. HI Dina These are wonderful photographs and make working to work really worthwhile! The babies are so cute and they reflections are stunning.

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