Finding fuzzballs around the lake.


I think that lizard isn’t going to make it.


I thought all of the winter ducks had gone north by now but this ring necked duck was still hanging around.


Black swan preening.


At first glance I didn’t think there were any baby swans yet. All of the moms were sitting down on the nest. Then a swan got up to move around and I could just barely make out the little fuzzballs under her. They still looked wet so they must have been born that morning. It was around lunchtime when I stopped by the lake. She still had two more to hatch.


One of the little babies was pretty wet and fumbling around.


Mom was right there watching them. Dad was close by right next to the nest. I took these through the reeds so they are a little fuzzy.


How cute is that face???


Across the lake was another new mom.  This nest had 3 eggs and only one has hatched so far.


I was sitting on the grass and zoomed in on mom’s beak. Yuck. It almost looks like she has tiny teeth.

It feels like spring when the baby animals start popping up everywhere.

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12 thoughts on “Finding fuzzballs around the lake.

  1. Cool capture of the Egret with the lizard! And I love the baby swans, they so cute! Wonderful photos, Dina! Thank you for linking up with my critter party! Have a happy weekend and Mother’s day!

  2. The Cygnets are so adorable, so silvery grey. What a great shot. I’m sorry to see the Egret eating a lizard, I guess I picture them living on fish.

  3. Fantastic shots!
    Love the swans…I was so excited to some out on my back field this year. I had no idea that they were native to my area. Apparently, they had been nearly wiped out around me, but are making a come back. It was a joy to watch them.
    I love your shot of the black swan. 🙂

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