Buffy, the bufflehead

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I took way too many pictures of this little duck. She’s my first bufflehead. She’s been hanging around Lake Morton in Lakeland for a while. The first time I stopped by there to look for her it was raining and I couldn’t find her. I headed back again a few weeks later and there she was. Hanging out with mallards, moorhens and swans. There hasn’t been too many reported sightings of them in the Tampa Bay area. She really is pretty. I’ll check back on her soon. The swans should be nesting soon and baby ducks should be running around by March.

9 thoughts on “Buffy, the bufflehead

  1. HI Dina These are lovely shots of the female Bufflehead. I was doing a talk yesterday and this was one of the birds I showed however we do not have it here in the UK but they do have it at a Wetland Centre.

  2. I’m from the Jupiter area, and saw my first Buffleheads this last week in Tallahassee. I was thrilled. You did not take too many photos!!!!!!!

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