I can fly!


He wasn’t quite sure at first but then it was lift off!


He was flying right at me. This must be one of the first skimmers born this spring. Already flying a few months later.


This one was ready for a nap.


This juvenile was still getting fish from his parent.




This may be one of the first-born. He seemed pretty confident as he flew by me. He’s already got a lot of black in his wings and his beak is changing.


I didn’t see him get a fish but it was fun to watch him skimming.

I had not planned to go back and visit the skimmers again this spring but I happened to be nearby one morning with hubby and we decided to stop in. I saw a few of the baby skimmers old enough to fly. It was mid-August and the oldest ones were probably born sometime near the end of June. It was right before lunch and the beach was already busy with people walking by and playing so it was a little crazy. I was hoping to see more babies down by the water but the foot traffic kept them closer to the roped off area.  I was able to see one baby skim along the water but he was so close to me that I couldn’t fit him all in. I’d like to say this is my last trip until next year but you never know.

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