My first white winged scoter – Skywatch Friday


After two trips to the little lagoon on the Tampa side of Gandy bridge, I finally saw the white-winged scoter. It’s either a female or juvenile. She’s been there for a while, maybe two months. She was sitting on the little sand bar far out in the lagoon.


She got up and walked around for a few minutes. These are extremely cropped and it was raining but hey, at least I can finally add this duck to my list.


I’m not sure what was in this spot many years ago. The lagoon has a concrete wall around it that is falling apart in some places.


The sun was going down quick and the rain had stopped even though it looked like it would start up again.


The scoter got in the water and floated around. She was not going to let me get close.


The shallow area was full of live conch shells.


Taken with my iphone, a view of the bay from this small park.


Last shot before dark.

After a week of pouring rain, I stopped by the tiny park and saw the white-winged scoter. It’s a rare sighting for the Tampa bay area. Did she get lost during spring migration? She didn’t look injured. Will she leave and go south for winter? Everyone here is wondering. It was only a drizzle while I was there but it kept others away so I had the whole place to myself. I should stop here more often after work but the bugs were terrible. Worse than the other parks I walk at after work. Maybe in the winter they won’t be so bad.

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10 thoughts on “My first white winged scoter – Skywatch Friday

  1. You are an intrepid birder — out in the rain all alone. I’m so glad you found this lovely duck. Thanks for sharing the pictures for those of us who are not so dedicated (nor as talented). The sky too is quite lovely even on the rainy day … and helps me to realize what we’re missing by not being in Florida (yet).

  2. What a beautiful collection of photos! I feel like I was right there with you, but without the bugs! 🙂 Poor little Scoter looks lonesome, I hope she’s okay and is reunited with her flock soon. (Unless like me she’s an introvert who enjoys solitude!) 🙂 I love the beautiful conch shell photo, and the silhouettes of the pelicans, especially! Wishing you a winter of more beautiful (and bug-free) photo ops!

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