Baby eagles all grown up


A normal sight, the parent watching over the kids.


A view of both baby eagles on the nest.


The oldest perched on a big branch. Already looking regal.


Practicing his takeoff.


We have lift off!


He didn’t fly around the afternoon I stopped by in mid-march. He was flapping pretty hard but never officially took off while I was there. By now he’s probably flying pretty high. This was my last stop of the year. I’ll leave them to their soaring and check back next year. It’s great to see both are doing well. Maybe I’ll see them flying over a busy road soon.

13 thoughts on “Baby eagles all grown up

  1. Oh my goodness. I see a lot of eagle photos from my home province, British Columbia, where the eaglets are younger than yours, but your two of the jump/land sequence are just fabulous. I love them. “Maybe I’ll take off. Oh, maybe I won’t.”
    Thanks for a real treat!

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