My very own osprey – Skywatch Friday

I wake up in the morning on just about every weekend and see this bird sitting on my neighbor’s dock or my other neighbor’s sailboat mast depending on how windy it is. Taken from the bedroom window.

On a non windy morning, this is the view. This one I took outside in the backyard.

Sometimes he comes back with a fish. This was a pretty big one. It was banging it’s tail on the side of the dock for a few minutes. Taken from the bedroom window.

I guess he was waiting for the fish to stop wiggling.

Occasionally, he has a blue heron sitting next to him. I don’t think he shares his fish but he doesn’t seem to scare away the heron.

Doesn’t that look yummy?

We’ve lived in our current house for 8 years now and as long as I can remember, we’ve had an osprey that hangs around our end of the channel. This time of year he sleeps on the sailboat mast almost every night. Before I go to bed, I peek out the window and can see him in the glow of the neighbor’s dock lights. When I wake up early during the week, he’s still there. When I wake up a little later on the weekends, between 7am and 8am, he’s gone fishing and shows up later.  We can hear him yelling if other osprey get too close. He tolerates us outside if we stay close to the house but if we walk out on our dock, he screams and flies off. He disappears for 3 or 4 months in the spring. My theory is he’s raising babies during that time and stays close to the nest, where ever that is. He shows back up in the summer and stays until the next spring. I’ll miss him if he ever leaves us for good.

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11 thoughts on “My very own osprey – Skywatch Friday

  1. Excellent photo set. I love birds of prey. We have no Osprey in this area but we do have Red Tail, and Red Shouldered hawks. Our part of the country is also a winter nesting area for Bald Eagles. I could watch them for yours.

  2. Excellent. I do hope you share this link with my bird photo meme this weekend. I have counted up to 9 at one time on the causeway from the city to the islands…they’re such magnificent birds. Your photos are simply super.

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