The kite was getting a snail.

A snail kite comes sailing over my head, right into the sun.

He takes a dive towards the water. Looks like he’s heading straight down.

He lands halfway into the water.

He comes up out of the water flapping his wings hard.

Success! He flies off with a snail.

Away he goes in the other direction but you can see he has a good grip on the snail. He flew off to the other side of the lake to enjoy his snack.  I saw this happening on my 2nd trip to Medard Park on a Sunday afternoon. I had been there for a while when he came by. The sun was about to go down behind the trees. They seem to be more active in the early morning so I’m going to try and head out there early again. I don’t know if these snail kites will stay here all winter. There’s plenty of apple snails for them to eat so maybe they will.

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