Flying kites high in the sky

Swallow tail kite.

Swallow tail kite. It looks like he was about to grab something.

Two swallow tail kites.

Mississippi kite flying right over my head.

Mississippi kite.

I had heard the kites were back flying over the cow pastures up in Hernando county. The area is about an hour north of Tampa. Last year in July I made it up there but only saw the swallow tail kites from very far away. This year I got up there around 8am. There were a few other cars driving along the dirt roads looking for the kites. I saw the swallow tail kites pretty early. It wasn’t until 11am that I saw my first ever mississippi kite. There were several of us standing on the side of the dirt road taking pictures of the red headed woodpeckers when what looked like a ghost bird flew right over our heads. It’s a pretty rare bird here so everyone was excited to see it come close enough to the road to get pictures. But in reality, it’s not that cool of a bird. It’s kind of boring. My hubby said later “You drove all of the way up there for that?” I replied “Well yes, it catches and eats dragonflies in mid-flight.” Of course, I didn’t get a shot of that. Maybe next year. Besides the kites, there were other birds I don’t get to see too often so more to come on the dirt road trip.


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