Dancing egret on the beach.

“Hmm, is that a fish I see?”

“Wait, there is fish over here too?”

“I think I see one.”


“Got it”

“I guess I’ll pose now for the picture.”

Do you ever wonder what birds are thinking? The above is a reddish egret in white morph color. I don’t think they are very common. There are a few at Fort Desoto and those are the only ones I’ve seen. They are not skittish at Fort Desoto. This one was feeding in a very shallow lagoon right were the main traffic is to get to the best part of the beach. I plopped down on the sand and just sat there for a good half hour watching this bird run around feeding. They are very animated and do a drunken dance to catch the fish. They put their wings up to shade the water so they can see the fish better. A man walked by with his kids and said “Look at that bird dancing.” It was nice to see people noticing how unusual this bird is.

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15 thoughts on “Dancing egret on the beach.

  1. Brilliant –

    I saw a Reddish Egret in a white morph form while in Venezuela. It threw me for a while and then noticed a field guides info that stated to look at for the intoxicated behaviour…. that was the clincher…lol

    Lovely post here

  2. What a fabulous series of shots. You were so lucky to be so close and to see so much. Loved the story. Egrets are amazing waterfowl. I love seeing them when we go to the VA beach. That last shot is awesome. Wow, did you go a great job with these captures. genie

  3. We watched a reddish do his thing at Ding Darling this year — a first-timer. I was looking at your pictures thinking the behavior was exactly like that one, but it looked different — so was happy to read your explanation. Your photos are just wonderful.

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