Sunset on Fort Desoto – Skywatch Friday

It was going to be a perfect night. Except for mid-April, it was extremely windy and a bit chilly.

This great egret stole this fish from a fisherman. These guys don’t keep an eye on their bait buckets. Makes for an easy meal.

Typical Florida sunset.

Not a cloud in sight.

Time to go home.

After a crazy night of looking for spring migration birds in the woods, we quickly headed over to the fishing pier right before the sun went down. Perfect way to end the night.  Although, most people would think it was perfect if we were standing on the pier with a pina colada in our hand instead of our camera.

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16 thoughts on “Sunset on Fort Desoto – Skywatch Friday

  1. The first one is my favorite, especially with the birdies in the sky on the left side. Thanks for sharing this great set of photos. Have a great weekend.

  2. I was thinking the other day that I need to get back to Ft. Desoto. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

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