Wild parakeets

You can usually find wild nanday parakeets flying around Fort Desoto Park. Most of the time, you hear them before you see them. They buzz overhead, screaming the entire way. Lately I’ve been seeing them hanging around the east beach trails.

On a recent Saturday morning I was about to get in my car when I saw flashes of green moving on the ground near the flowers. The parakeets were eating the seeds out of the dead flowers. There were 10 of them munching away and keeping an eye on me.

Others were grabbing a flower and flying back up to the utility wire to eat. They really are pretty even though they are loud and can wipe out a flower bed in minutes.

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It finally looked like spring at Fort Desoto



I didn’t want to rub it in too soon but spring hit down here in Florida a while ago. The end of March and into April was beautiful and 75 degrees. It’s short-lived though. Now it’s just hot. In late March, the yellow daisies were everywhere at Fort Desoto park.


Bees were buzzing around.


Spiders were popping up on all of the trails.


Even the wild parrots were enjoying the weather, snacking on the pine trees.


This one was trying to take an early morning nap.


At one point a small flock flew down and started feeding on something. I totally blew this shot out. I had my camera set to take pictures in the trees which is usually darker. I snapped this quickly but they took off again before I could reset and re-shoot.


“Would you eat this lady?” says the juvenile herring gull.


On osprey was eating a fish right on a branch over the trail. He was doing his “Don’t steal my fish” flap. I walked by pretending that I didn’t care. After yelling a few times he calmed down.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning in late March. It felt like it had been a long time since the sun was out. The park was busy with bugs and birds but spring migration hadn’t started yet so I spent the morning looking for stuff to shoot. I did notice how parts of the park were covered in yellow daisies and the grass was growing up over the trails. Yes, we only had spring for about two weeks and then went right into summer.

Shine the Divine