Busy morning on the trail.


A wren hiding in the bushes. I think this is either a house or marsh wren.



Cormorant fly-bys.




Several limpkins were eating along the trail.



So many limpkins have grown up right on the trail. They are not easily frightened.  In the first picture, I saw this big group of school kids heading down the trail and I didn’t think the limpkin was going to move. He didn’t. He just stood there like “You guys are in my way.” The kids eventually went around him one by one.



A snowy egret and cormorant hanging around the dock.


There were so many phoebes there. There was a constant echo of their call.


Close enough.

All from my recent trip to Circle B Bar Reserve in central Florida.

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After the rain


Everything was wet.


Water dripping everywhere.

A young cardinal drying off in the bushes.


Berries dripping.


Yellow flowers were everywhere.


Beaten down.


Wet Carolina wren on the ground.


View from the boardwalk.

It has poured all night. I was tempted to stay in bed on Saturday morning. I decided to get up because I hear that rain brings the birds in. When I headed out to Chesnut Park, the rain had stopped. According to the weather radar it was not going to rain again that morning. I did get a few sprinkles. The dark clouds did not clear up like the news said. It was dark all morning. I struggled to get any decent pictures. I had my ISO up to 3200 but still had trouble getting a clear shot in the woods. The park was flooded, the boardwalks were slippery and the birds were scarce. The few that were there were high up in the trees. Too high to get pictures. At least I was out and got a good 3 hour walk in.


Eagles, butter butts and crabs on my walk


This is the first American robin I have seen in Florida. All of my other sightings have been in Atlanta.


Marsh wren or sedge wren? I’m going with marsh since they are more common although there have been sightings of the sedge in central Florida recently.


Yellow rumped warbler (or butter butts as some people call them)


Tricolored heron walking in the grass beds at low tide.


The eagle couple together near the nest. By now there are eggs (hopefully). I haven’t heard yet if the Honeymoon Island couple are officially on eggs yet but most others here in central Florida are. It was dark and cloudy when I first got to the park.


The sun eventually came out right before I left.


The tide was low and crabs were everywhere at the north end of the trails.

A few things I saw on my late November walk at Honeymoon Island.

Camera Critters

Birds and butterflies at Chesnut Park

I haven’t seen a Carolina wren in a while. This one was sitting on the boardwalk rail, waiting for a handout.

The usual “no birds are around so I’ll take pictures of dragonflies” shot.

Butterfly in the sun.

I did manage to find a titmouse. I think they live here all year round. He came pretty close to me to see if I had any seed for him.

More “no birds around so now I’ll shoot butterflies” shot.

Friendly male anhinga on the boardwalk. I say friendly because he did not fly off as I walked by. I wouldn’t want to get too close to that beak though.

A quiet morning at Chesnut Park near my house. This trip was in late August and was a hot steamy morning. Not much there but bugs.