In my backyard

Taken through the bedroom window, I caught this little blue heron eating worms.

Out on our dock, this green heron was creeping around the channel at low tide.

Some type of moth on our wall.

I saw this guy through the kitchen window when was cleaning up one afternoon. I grabbed my camera and quietly went out to the back to snap this. I hadn’t seen a black racer in a while. It was a tiny one. Good for eating bugs and mosquitoes.

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Still looks like Spring here


An upside down black and white warbler.


At first I thought this was a palm warbler but when I cropped it up I noticed it was more yellow so I’m not sure what this is.


A yellow throated warbler peaking out.



Catbirds are everywhere now.


I was taking pictures of the waterfall and noticed a bunch of worms. Yuk.


Still looks like spring at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo.

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