More Bearizona animals

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More animals from our drive through Bearizona, near Flagstaff. It was so much fun to see these animals up close but more fun to see them wandering around in big open spaces. Some enclosures were so big you could barely see the fence through the woods. As we drove through the wolves section, there was a big sign that said “If the wolves come up to your car, do not stop, continue driving.” I figured with my luck they would all be sleeping in the back somewhere and we wouldn’t see any but they were very active. One walked right up to the front of the car and just stood there like “Where do you think you’re going?”  He wouldn’t move so Brett drove around him. The big horn sheep were active as well. We stopped to let them walk across the road in front of us and two of them just stopped and leaned on the car while another came up to my window. Brett didn’t want to back up since they were also behind us so we sat there for a few minutes until they finally moved on. Next time I make it back to Flagstaff I will make a stop here again.