Usual stuff at Circle B Bar Reserve

One of my favorite trees at Circle B Bar Reserve. A bald cypress in the middle of the lake. It looks like a great blue heron is nesting on it.

Some of the usual birds along the trail.

A few not so common ones, a Wilson’s snipe and a chipping sparrow.

Purple gallinules were all along the trail.

A few crawling critters.

Across the lake, I could just make out the bald eagles sitting on the right side of the tree. You can also see one of the baby’s brown head sticking up off the nest.

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So many birds….

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Black bellied whistling ducks are a rare sight to see up close. Years ago they would hang out right on the trail and the trees right on the trail would be full of them.  Now you can only hear them whistling off in the distance.


A great blue heron with a snack.




The marsh has been overrun with glossy ibis.


A few Wilson’s Snipes have been seen here. This one was on Alligator Alley Trail.



It’s always fun to see the little purple clowns (gallinules).




Green herons have taken over.

Come of the birds on my recent trip to Circle B Bar Reserve.

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The usual suspects at Circle B Bar Reserve


You do not want to have that beak coming at you!



Green herons doing the “stretch”.


Looking for snacks.


The Wilson’s snipe was trying to sleep.


The glossy ibis was glowing in the sun.



Cute little palm warblers showing off.



A pileated woodpecker high up in the tree.


An anhinga drying off in the sun after a swim.



Pretty in yellow.

These were all taken in late November when the yellow flowers were still in bloom at Circle B Bar Reserve.

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Spring walk at Circle B Bar Reserve


Yes, another purple gallinule picture. I’ve seen more this past couple of months than in the entire 5 years I’ve been looking for birds. Although, on my most recent trip to Circle B Bar Reserve, I didn’t see any so they may be gone for the summer.


Female wood duck on a tree. This was the first time I’ve seen wood ducks at this park.


The male was watching us pretty closely.


She was pretty. They were hopping from tree to tree. Maybe this is how they flirt.


The green heron looked all dressed up with those orange legs.


The wilson’s snipe was still hanging around. Pam found him. We were looking closely in the marsh at something else. I think it was an alligator and she says “What is that?”


Palm warbler with pollen all over his beak.


Savannah sparrows can usually be found at the intersection of Marsh Rabbit Run trail and Heron Hideout trail.


This looked too yummy to pass up. I asked him if he needed any tartar sauce.


Another one with lunch landed on a branch close by.

Most of the winter birds and ducks had already left for up north. Spring migration of the songbirds hadn’t really started yet so it was a slow morning at Circle B Bar Reserve. Just the usuals there with the exception of the wood duck couple. They became celebrity visitors there real fast.

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Late December walk at Circle B Bar Reserve


Even surrounding a turkey vulture with yellow flowers cannot make him attractive.


Black vulture convention.


This is the first time I’ve seen a Wilson’s snipe at Circle B Bar Reserve. He was hiding in a small puddle out in the marsh.


The usual limpkin with a snail shot.


Tern. It’s weird to see seabirds hanging out in central Florida. Shouldn’t they be at the beach?


The first great blue heron’s nest of the season at Circle B. The nest is several trees over and much higher than last year’s nest. I’ve since heard there is at least one baby poking his head up.


This was all the way across the lake but that fish the anhinga had caught was too big to pass up and not at least try to take a shot.


Look at those feet!


Cool caterpillar on a weed.

It was right after Christmas on a Friday morning. I had just dropped my sister off at the airport for a 7am flight and headed out to Circle B Bar Reserve for a long hike. I had a few days before my hubby’s family came down for New Year’s week. The weather was cool. The first under 80 degree day we’d had in a week. But, the sun wasn’t out and it looked like it would rain any minute. The rain held off but I had to crank up my ISO to get any good light to take pictures. I’m starting to feel like a jinx on yucky weather there. Cloudy on the last 4 trips. Maybe January will be my month, sunny and 70.

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