Pretty things at a quiet place

Pretty things at Bok Tower Gardens in June.

Boring birds at the feeder but not lacking in color!

A quiet place to reflect.

Heading home from Bok Tower Gardens in June, I stopped on a dirt road to get some shots of the swallow tail kite that was cruising over a cow pasture. I’m sure those cows were thinking “What is that girl doing?”.

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December at Bok Tower Gardens

Cool and pretty plants at Bok Tower Gardens in central Florida.

Little critters and flying critters. Hummingbirds were everywhere but I could not seem to catch them feeding. They would fly behind or into the bushes.

I love walking around Bok Tower Gardens. There’s always something different to see. I don’t get there often since it’s close to an hour and a half from my house (and that’s without traffic). I managed to get there a few weeks before Christmas but was wishing it was cooler than it was. Otherwise, it was a perfect morning.

On my way back to the main road, I passed a house that had 4 sandhill cranes in their front yard, along with a few ibis. I pulled over and quickly snapped the above from my car. It would be really cool to see these guys grazing in my front yard but it would be rare to get them that close to the bay.

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Post Christmas flowers at Bok Tower Gardens

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Still blooming after Christmas. I took ¬†my sister to Bok Tower Gardens in central Florida for a post-Christmas outing. It was a beautiful day and we walked all over the gardens. We saw Amaryllis flowers all around the gardens. They were so beautiful. Next year I want to get some and plant them in our front yard. Although I think I’ll have to buy them about to bloom and then plant them since I’m not sure if they’ll grow in our sandy soil. We had a lot of fun walking around and I took a ton of ¬†pictures so they’ll be more to come.