Plants in a canyon

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Some of the plants we saw on our hike down Walnut Canyon in Flagstaff. I loved the way the dead trees looked so creepy. All twisted up, they were all along the trail. The last picture is a Steller’s Jay. We saw them at all of the parks we went to but they were so skittish. Not like our blue jays here that will get close and yell at you for not feeding them.

Living on a cliff


Besides the fact that Walnut Canyon is fun to hike around, there are old historic dwellings that were built by the Sinagua Indians that you can view. We were able to go inside some of them and tried to imagine what it was like living there so long ago. You would have to be sure-footed since most were sitting on a cliff. The view was beautiful and I guess you didn’t have to worry about cleaning the floors so that’s a good thing. The bad thing would have been no windows and no central heating.  And where’s the elevator?? They must have stayed in great shape to be climbing those cliffs all the time. If you ever get to Walnut Canyon, I would recommend taking the longer hike so you can get up close.

Our first hike in Flagstaff

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Chapter 1 on what I did on my summer vacation.  Only it was in late September. We flew into Phoenix and drove to Sedona.  We spent an afternoon there and then went to Flagstaff for 4 days. Our first hike was to Walnut Canyon, just 20 minutes outside of Flagstaff. We hiked down the main trail and around part of the canyon, passing by the remains of homes left by Native Americans many years ago.  You can read more about the park here. It’s much smaller than the Grand Canyon but very different and fun to walk around. The 240 steps back up the cliff to the top wasn’t too bad. I’m glad I’ve been using the stairs at work a lot. We would stop and rest and look out over the canyon periodically. I took a ton of pictures so more to come.