Pretty plants

Lots of unusual plants and flowers at the University of South Florida’s botanical gardens in Tampa. I don’t go to these gardens often but I was at Lettuce Lake in north Tampa recently and there wasn’t much wildlife there. Most of the park was still flooded due to recent rain so I left early and decided to stop by the gardens and see if there were any hummingbirds in the butterfly gardens. No hummingbirds but lots of butterflies. More on those later.

I rarely see green lizards.

A statue of a cow in the middle of the gardens? Not sure why. She was cute though.

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Flowers and critters at the USF Botanical Gardens.


Pink and yellow. Looks like an iris of some type.


I love these bug eating plants. I wonder how well they catch mosquitos.


Some type of moth on the flower. This was actually a tree.


Teeny tiny dragonfly on a blade of grass.


Butterfly on the trail.


Busy bee getting pollen. He’s got it all over his legs.


Another bee on flower shot.


A butterfly on flower shot.


This butterfly was tiny. About the size of a dime. I cropped it up and added texture.

It was mid-September and hot. After a quick walk around Lettuce Lake Park in north Tampa I decided to finally stop at the Botanical Gardens at the college campus at USF. I had heard about it but had never stopped in before. Usually I was too tired or hungry. It’s a very small garden. I was there about an hour mostly at the butterfly section. I probably would have stayed longer but by then it was almost noon, over 90 degrees and there was no breeze so I headed home.