In the fog – Skywatch Friday

tree fog

It was a foggy morning at Circle B Bar Reserve when I headed out on the trail in late January. The above tree is usually filled with birds. Not a one in sight.

cbbr fog

Almost as thick as pea soup. It was very humid even though it didn’t feel warm.


It looked like Alligator Alley trail was the foggiest. People were still heading down the trail in the fog.


You can really see the spider webs on a day like this.


A tribute to Alfred Hitchcock. A tree full of vultures across the marsh.


Female red-winged blackbirds along the trail.


“Run Forrest Run!” says the black bellied whistling duck across the marsh in the fog.


I didn’t realize how the sides of the trails were full of spider webs.


A sandhill crane out in the marsh. This is where they nested two years ago in March but they were just cruising by the morning I was there.


The sun was finally starting to peek through after an hour. It turned out to be a nice day even though I felt like I was walking around in a shower. Everything was wet from the fog and humidity. When I left Tampa earlier that morning the sun was coming up bright. The farther into central Florida I got, the worse the fog got. At first I was crushed that the sun wasn’t out but it was kind of cool walking around in the fog. The reserve was full of people like it usually is in the winter so it wasn’t like I was alone. By 10am there were traffic jams on the trails.

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