Pretty things in late July

Little critters creeping or buzzing around the butterfly garden at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo.

A few of the blooming things.

The waterfall at the nature center. Years ago I would see green tree frogs hanging around this area but I haven’t seen any in a long while.

Something growing around a tree stump. Looks like icing (of course, I have sugar on my brain).

A tiny oasis in the heat.

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Woodpeckers and fungus at Chesnut Park


I took this with my 300mm lens. I would not get this close to a squirrel. You just never know. But, he is cute. You can see the reflection of the sky in his eye.


Someone had been feeding the birds on the boardwalk. I think it’s the squirrels that eat more food than the birds.


Interesting but creepy bug.


Ever so slight sign of fall.


It’s weird how the tree grew over the boardwalk. Although, is that really the tree or just fungus that attached to the tree and grew over the rail?


Fungus was everywhere.


This pileated woodpecker did not seem to mind me watching him. He probably knew I wasn’t going to climb over the boardwalk and slosh through the swamp.


He was busy working on this hole.


Then he popped into the hole and started digging wood out from the inside. I think maybe he was already working on a nest. I have to remember that spot for later.

This was early in December. It did not feel like Christmas at all. We had a warm spell and it was 82 degrees that first weekend. I’m really getting tired of dousing myself with Off. I still came home with 3 mosquito bites. There were a few migrating warblers at the park but not much else. The park was busy with joggers and walkers trying to make up for that Thanksgiving feast. I guess I was doing the same thing.