My first lesser black backed gull


I thought I was going to have to walk up and down the beach for a while to find him. I walked out from the parking lot and there he was standing. Right in front of me. I took a couple of quick shots before a jogger was heading for him and he flew off.


Up close. He’s really pretty! I have read that it’s been documented that he has visited this beach every summer for the last 5 years. I finally made it over there to look for him.


After the jogger scared him off, he flew far out into the gulf.


Close by, a juvenile royal tern was taking a nap.


There was a small flock of them right where the black backed gull was standing.


An adult flew in with a fish. He did not give it to that begging juvenile but took off with it in his mouth.


Another adult landed with a fish and was offering it up to his mate. It seemed late for flirting. Nesting season was mostly over and the babies were all flying by now. Maybe these were late lovers? It’s funny the way they do this dance with their wings. She did not take the fish. They both flew off together. Maybe they were getting a room?


This guy was all by himself. At first I thought it was a juvenile sandwich tern but usually they have a little more beige in their beak. Unless he’s a little older. Any ideas?

After missing out on the brown booby and the common eider, I thought I would try for the lesser black backed gull. I found him right away so after leaving that area I decided to try again for the eider. There were several other birders looking for him with no luck before lunch. Someone there told me a guy finally saw him on his 8th trip. It was only my 2nd time looking. Maybe I’ll try a third time. Is it “three times a charm” or “three strikes and you’re out” when it comes to looking for a bird?

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