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More fun at the horse farm

Eating breakfast, very sloooowly! Funny faces. Pretty faces. Crazy rooster in mid-air. Color coordinated shelducks. The prettiest guy there. (He knows it too.) Spent a Sunday afternoon at Horsepower for Kids hanging out with the fowl.

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Funny Faces at the Funny farm

Funny faces at the Funny Farm (Horsepower for Kids) near my house. I was watching some of the volunteer kids chasing after a crazy rooster that had gotten free and was driving all of the other animals crazy.  That rooster … Continue reading

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Another edition of “Funny Faces at the Zoo”

Another hot morning at the Lowry Park Zoo in mid-August. The zoo really cleaned the glass on the manatee window. I put my Iphone up to the glass and snapped the above.

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Funny faces on the farm.

I finally realized there was a petting zoo/farm near my house. I was out looking for birds and stumbled upon what looked like horse stables but then I heard parrots yelling and other weird noises coming from the back of … Continue reading

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Different things at Honeymoon Island Park

When I first got to the park I had a beautiful view of the moon. This is a butterfly I don’t see very often. Backside of a fiddler crab. You can really see the colors on his back. I saw … Continue reading

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Other fun stuff at Gatorland

Do those vultures think that gator is dead? If not, they must know he’s well fed. Lot’s of gator mating going on. “Ha! Ha! said the old tortoise. Gator surfing is fun. The egrets are always catching a ride. The deep … Continue reading

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