Quality parenting from a tiger.














More cute action shots of the baby tiger at Lowry Park Zoo. The morning I was there in early February the weather was cool.  Both Mom and baby were running around playing and chasing each other. I spent at least an hour watching them play before walking around the rest of the zoo. You have to get there early to see the action. They are napping by lunch time.

Everyone loves a baby

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I went back to Lowry Park zoo to get another look at the baby tiger. I got there as soon as the zoo opened and the cub was just coming out to play. It was a cool morning and mom and baby were running all over the place playing. The baby was very interested in the pile of leaves. I stayed for a while watching kids go crazy over seeing the tigers running around.

Babies at the zoo.

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It’s rare to see the mom and baby orangutan this close to the glass. The baby was very entertained by pressing her face up to the glass.






Everyday activities for the orangutans.



The baby chimp was out playing by herself.



The two baby elephants are finally growing up.


I went back to Lowry Park zoo early on a Sunday morning to see the baby tiger cub.  The baby was not out that morning so the dad was out alone having a snack. He seemed to be enjoying it. He kept showing it off.

A baby for Christmas

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Lowry Park Zoo announced a new baby tiger cub born on 9/11. By the week of Christmas the baby was out playing in the yard in the mornings.  Both of my sisters were visiting for the week so we made that our first stop on the Thursday morning before Christmas. The baby was already out and playing with mom. Of course I took a gazillion pictures. These are my favorites.

Animals at Animal Kingdom


Funky fish. He looked prehistoric.


These meerkats were funny to watch.


Chilling out.


Something was tasty back in those weeds.


Do these horns make my butt look big?


“Where have you been? Your tail smells funny”

Some of the fun animals we saw on our early March trip to Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom is just a really big zoo at Disney World with a few rides thrown in. They do it right though. The exhibits are huge. And no wires or fences to try to shoot through. I had no problems with trying to focus through fence squares. Although I did have to zoom in on the gorilla since he was sitting pretty far back. A few animals we didn’t catch since they were hiding in the back. The safari ride is my favorite but it’s hard to get good shots. I had my camera set on auto and still didn’t get anything worth saving except for the 2nd one from the bottom. You ride in a big jeep and it’s very bumpy and jerky. The driver does stop for a minute or two at different place but it depends on angles, lighting or whether an animal is right in front of you when it stops. And, you can’t leave the park without having some kind of frozen treat. Even when it’s cold outside. Whether it’s a Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream bar, a chocolate covered frozen banana or just a plain ole ice cream cone.


Portraits of zoo animals


Meerkat with a dirty nose. I guess they spend their entire lives dirty.


Penguin with pink eyeshadow.


Flamingo with a curve.


Double eagles. It’s not often you see these two close together.


Some type of stork in the African aviary.  I thought the bright yellow beak with the red face was pretty cool and then I noticed the touch of pink in his feathers.


Most popular face award.


Eye of the tiger. Look at those white whiskers.


Portrait of a maribou stork that was only a day or two old.

On a recent trip to the Lowry Park zoo, I only took my 300mm fixed lens. I wanted to try it out on the baby elephant and see if the pictures looked different from using my old 70-300mm zoom. I decided that it would be my one lens for the day and see what I came up with. One thing I realized is that you get a lot closer to the animals there than you think. I kept thinking “I need my zoom.” so I could zoom out. Instead, I just focused on getting close up portrait shots of the animals, something I don’t do that often. It was a fun morning and the above are some of my favorite shots and since I’ve taken an annoying amount of baby elephant shots, I’ll be posted more of those soon as well.

Camera Critters