Not too cold for a quick walk at the zoo

On our last day in Utah in January, we checked out of our rental and headed over to Salt Lake City. We had half a day to kill before our flight so we stopped at the Hogle Zoo. It wasn’t too crowded because you know, who goes to the zoo in Utah in the middle of winter? But, there were a few other people there and it was sunny and mild, around the high 40’s. The animals were all out running around.

The meerkats were staying warm in the sun.

Lots of red pops from the plants. The berries looked interesting and I found out the red bulb was some sort of sumac. I haven’t seen these in Florida.

A few of the wild critters roaming around. Yes, another magpie and a Canadian goose high up on a building.

A cool statue.

Some house sparrows all puffed up trying to stay warm.

The zoo had amazing views of the mountains from every spot. There was an interesting park across the way from the zoo. What is that statue? After walking around we headed over to find out.

Quality parenting from a tiger.














More cute action shots of the baby tiger at Lowry Park Zoo. The morning I was there in early February the weather was cool.  Both Mom and baby were running around playing and chasing each other. I spent at least an hour watching them play before walking around the rest of the zoo. You have to get there early to see the action. They are napping by lunch time.

Everyone loves a baby

dsc_1473 dsc_1477 dsc_1487 dsc_1495 dsc_1508 dsc_1510 dsc_1515 dsc_1520 dsc_1525 dsc_1539 dsc_1546 dsc_1555 dsc_1561 dsc_1572

I went back to Lowry Park zoo to get another look at the baby tiger. I got there as soon as the zoo opened and the cub was just coming out to play. It was a cool morning and mom and baby were running all over the place playing. The baby was very interested in the pile of leaves. I stayed for a while watching kids go crazy over seeing the tigers running around.

Babies at the zoo.

dsc_1010 dsc_1013

It’s rare to see the mom and baby orangutan this close to the glass. The baby was very entertained by pressing her face up to the glass.






Everyday activities for the orangutans.



The baby chimp was out playing by herself.



The two baby elephants are finally growing up.


I went back to Lowry Park zoo early on a Sunday morning to see the baby tiger cub.  The baby was not out that morning so the dad was out alone having a snack. He seemed to be enjoying it. He kept showing it off.

A baby for Christmas

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Lowry Park Zoo announced a new baby tiger cub born on 9/11. By the week of Christmas the baby was out playing in the yard in the mornings.  Both of my sisters were visiting for the week so we made that our first stop on the Thursday morning before Christmas. The baby was already out and playing with mom. Of course I took a gazillion pictures. These are my favorites.