Cruising around the harbor.

The Boston harbor looked just like I thought it would.  Old sailboats and tugboats.

We passed lots of boats as we took our sightseeing tour around the bay.

The view of Long Island. The buildings were a chronic disease hospital during the 40’s and was the inspiration for the movie Shutter Island. The Island has been empty since 2014 due to the bridge being unsafe and closed. 214 acres and no access. Some day someone will buy it, build a new bridge and build expensive homes. They should turn it into a park.

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Like ships passing in the day

Early one morning in November I was out at Fort Desoto and noticed a lot of big boats in the area. Fort Desoto sits at the end of Tampa Bay and the boats pass by the park on the way into Port Tampa from the gulf.

The guys on these boats must have a very strange life. Being gone long periods of time out at sea. I always think of the movie Captain Phillips and wave as they go by the fishing pier. I’m sure no one is paying attention. They are probably working in the cabins getting ready to head out or come in to port depending on which direction they are going.

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Two ships passing in the morning


The laughing gulls are getting their mating colors.  Their heads turn black and their beaks get a red tint. They get a red ring around their eyes.


This one’s head was just starting to turn black but his beak was already red.


This is what they look like in the winter. Well, except for that fish hook sticking out of the back of his neck. Some of the gulls are slower to change.


What is this ruddy turnstone eating?


Probably stuck on fish guts.


Trying to nap on the pier.


I think they put those spikey things on top of the lights to keep the birds off. Oh well.


Fighting over light space.


It was a quiet morning at the fishing pier in Fort Desoto. Hardly anyone there fishing. Maybe it was the cooler windy weather. Not many birds there either.

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