Looking for a duck.

This ring billed gull spent the morning eating tiny horseshoe crabs.

Lots of ducks but nothing new.  Ring billed and lesser scaup way out in the bay.

Teeny tiny on the ground.

I saw an eagle high up in a utility tower near my house on the way home.

I stopped by Veterans Park in Oldsmar looking for a long tailed duck. I heard he was there earlier in the week but I couldn’t find him by Saturday. That’s a rare duck here. I briefly saw one years ago near the same area but haven’t heard of one being around until early December. I’ll keep checking back this winter. It was a beautiful day to be out walking even without the duck.

My Corner of the World

A walk at Largo Nature Park

Northern shovelers aren’t extremely rare in the Tampa bay area but I haven’t seen any in a long time. There were 2 couples close the edge of the water at Largo Nature Preserve in late January and they didn’t seem to mind me watching them. They look a lot like mallards but have that goofy big square bill.

A snowy egret was looking for food.

A wood stork was taking a break.

A cattle egret with a bright orange bill.

Two ring billed ducks.

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Very few birds in late December


I stopped by to visit my buddy Big Red. When there are no other birds around you can always count on Big Red to be there.


Taking off to catch some fish.


Mullet up close. Some guys were on the beach catching mullet in a net. After 10 years of watching them jump out of the water in my backyard, this is the first time I’ve seen one up close. ¬†Other than the smoked mullet that my husband likes to eat.


Sorry guy, but you’re going to end up on a cracker.


Eating a dropped chip on a picnic table.


Berries were all over the park.


Butterflies are still around.


As well as the yellow beach flowers.


Weird grass growing on the beach.


Two female ring billed ducks looking for some action.

Not many birds around at Fort Desoto park right before the holidays.

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