Critters at Chesnut Park.

Driving into the park, I caught a deer getting a snack in trees.

Creepy little critters.

Cute bigger critters.

Someone had left bird seed along the boardwalk earlier that morning. Only the titmouse and cardinals were eating it.

A few other flying critters including the grackle on the right getting nesting material.

This little common yellowthroat was checking me out. They usually hide deep in the bushes but he was not shy.

Some of the pretty things along the boardwalk.

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Chesnut Park on a Saturday morning


Cardinal on a fence.


I was taking a picture of the cardinal on the fence and looked up and saw the above hawk staring at me.


Female red-winged blackbird.


This looks like a fairly young female cardinal. She kept flying after a cardinal couple which was probably her parents.

DSC_4013 Another hawk right by the parking lot. I think this is a young red shoulder hawk.

DSC_3986I haven’t been seeing many butterflies around lately.


Pretty grasshopper.


Skipper on a flower.


This lady just laid eggs right below the boardwalk. They put up a fence around that area to keep people from trying to get over the boardwalk rail and get to the nest. (It’s amazing the stupid things people do.) You can get by but you can’t reach over or get close to that area. She’s going to have late babies this summer.

A quiet Saturday morning at Chesnut Park in early August.

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