A walk after work

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The lake at Kapok Park are full of turtles. People feed them and they come close to the boardwalk.  Look at those fingernails!


A cute grebe shying away.



The red-winged blackbirds come close the boardwalk as well. Both a male and a female were posing for me.




Moorhens were taking a bath.



A rare sighting at this park. I found a lone purple gallinule under the boardwalk. I have never seen one here or even heard of one near the area.


Great blue heron flyby.




The big old trees at the park. It looks like one got blown over during a big storm. It looks like such a big strong tree. It’s hard to believe wind would knock that over.


On the way home I stopped by downtown Safety Harbor and could just barely make out a juvenile eagle on the cell tower.



Another tower close by had two babies (you can see only one in the picture). One of the parents was feeding them and the other parent was on a utility tower across the street.  I’ve been keeping an eye on these nests for a while, swinging by there on the way home from work. It’s great to see these eagles raising families in this busy neighborhood.

I stopped by Kapok Park on the way home from work recently and did a quick walk around the park. I was hoping to see signs of the great horned owls but they either didn’t nest there this year or already nested and left.

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No hummingbirds at Lettuce Lake Park


What little sign of fall I could find. Almost dead weeds.


The park was covered in beauty berries. With so many berries you would think there would be a lot of birds around to eat them but no. It was a quiet almost birdless morning.


A green heron picking at the muck.


I’m thinking this is a juvenile male red-winged blackbird. He was not quite in full colors yet.


A female red-winged blackbird was close by.


Seeing double.


Spiders were everywhere.


This spider was up high in the trees chowing on a dragonfly.

It was another hot quiet morning out in the park. I went hoping to see the hummingbirds again and get some better shots. I remembered to bring my tripod this time. I went straight to the nature center and walked around back to look for the hummingbird feeder. It was gone. I went into the nature center and talked to Diane, the ranger who is usually at the park on Saturdays. She said that lately the hummers have only been coming around late in the afternoon so she took the feeder down to clean it. I guess another trip to park later in the day is in order.

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Vultures eating green foam at Medard Park


An osprey hovering, looking for breakfast over the lake.


Female grackles were lined up on the boardwalk.


Female red-winged blackbird looking at me.


Juvenile red-winged blackbird showing off.


If there aren’t a lot of fishermen on the boardwalk in the morning, you can usually find a few limpkins standing on the rail.


Up-close bee shot (there weren’t many birds there).




There’s a sign at the boat ramp parking lot warning that vultures will tear apart your windshield wipers and that you should cover them. The vulture here found a new toy to tear apart.


This owner was going to come back from kayaking to find all of green foam padding torn off. I hope they leave him enough to get his kayak back home. I’m not sure why they like shredding things. Although my cockatiels at home love to shred newspaper and cardboard so I guess I’m not surprised.

I knew it was going to be hot. Mid-August, sunny, not a cloud in the sky, no wind. I thought I’d torture myself anyway by going on an early morning walk at Medard park. The snail kites had been sighted there on and off and I was hoping to see them again. No sign of them or much of any birds. At least the park was quiet and I got a good walk in.