A view of Sedona – Skywatch Friday


On the way to our rental house in Sedona.


The view from the Chapel of the Holy Cross.


You can just barely see the moon coming up on the right of the two fingers.


The Chapel of the Holy Cross. It was build right into the side of the rock.


The view of Sedona taken from the airport.


The road back down from the airport. Taken in the car. Sedona has a small private airport but you can drive up to it and walk around outside.


One night we drove down to Cottonwood which was about 30 minutes south of Sedona for dinner. We could see the smoke coming from the big wildfires in Prescott nearby.


The view from the golf course at Seven Canyons Resort.


A panorama taken with my Iphone while sitting on the golf cart waiting for hubby to tee off. The view from every hole was amazing. I’m not a golfer but it was perfect morning to ride along in the cart.


Another hole at the golf course. One of the few places we saw water. Sedona was having a drought and the short rainy season didn’t start until July. Every creek was dried up.


Last shot of the day.

“God created the Grand Canyon but lives in Sedona”. I had read that somewhere there. Coming from flat Florida, the rock formations were amazing.  They were everywhere. And looked different from every angle. The big things to do in Sedona are hiking, camping, golfing or spa stuff. We didn’t do a lot of long hikes since we were still tired from hiking in the Grand Canyon. I did get a little tired of being dusty all the time.  Since there was a drought, dirt swirled around everywhere we went. The only grass I saw was on the golf course. It’s weird seeing all dirt in people’s yards. Although, hubby said it’s really no different from always being sweaty all of the time in Florida. Which is what we did as soon as we stepped out of the airport back home. Unloading the luggage at 11pm and I was already sweaty.

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