Little birds on the beach

A perfect morning out at Fort Desoto wouldn’t be complete without seeing an oystercatcher. This one with the red band is a regular at the park. Someone out on the sandbar walked by and he came flying right by me.

A sandwich tern making a landing.

A  tiny snowy plover on the exposed sand.

Piping plovers have orange legs.

A great egret cruising by.

A young red knot.

Lots of different shorebirds at Fort Desoto in early October.

Scenes from a beach on Memorial Day weekend – Skywatch Friday


A lone red knot on the beach.


And then there were two.


As I was sitting on the sand shooting the red knot, I looked over and saw this Wilson’s plover watching me.


He grabs a small crab and was showing it off before he gulped it down.


He cruised by me while keeping an eye on me.


The park rangers having a meeting in the roped off bird sanctuary area. Since this was the Saturday morning before Memorial Day, they had a busy weekend ahead of them. Sometimes I think they must have a cool job but it must be hard being out in that heat all day not to mention every holiday. Dealing with drunk people (yes, no alcohol is allowed in the park but duh, people bring it anyway). I once heard a man who was slurring his words argue with a ranger over having his dog on the main beach where there are clear signs that say no dogs  on this beach. There is a separate beach for pets. The guy would not leave with his dog. If I was the ranger I would have wanted to taser the guy. The rangers at this park work hard!


Great blue heron posing on a light post on the fishing pier.


Yellow eyeballs on a snowy egret.


A group of people kayaking around the fishing pier.


Rush hour traffic in the shipping lanes.


The dolphins were out in full force.


Looking back from the end of the fishing pier.


Zoomed in on a ship going by.


A tourist had a nice stash of shells she was collecting. It’s not usual to find a big one like this on the beach. She was digging around out in the water near the fishing pier.

You know it’s going to be a packed park on a holiday weekend. I got there early Saturday morning and was home by lunch time. I could have stayed later and taken pictures of all the people packed in on the beaches but that would only make me crazy. It was nice to get out on a sunny morning and walk the beach and fishing pier before the crowds. After a long nap at home, I was ready to do chores.

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