So many colors

So many bright colors at the Florida Botanical Gardens in early September.

Found these leaves on the ground.  While I would like to think it’s fall already, they probably came off in the storms that we had recently had. It’s a tease considering fall won’t be here in central Florida for months. I loved the yellow colors though.

Photographing New Zealand

Flowers in the rain

I headed out to the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo in early August around 8am. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky in Tampa. As I got closer to the gardens I could see the dark clouds up ahead. I was thinking it would be a quick rain shower and then it would nice and cool to walk around after the rain. I sat in my car for over 30 minutes in the down pour. It finally slowed down to a drizzle. I got out of the car with my big golf umbrella and walked around the gardens taking pictures in the drizzle. At least it wasn’t hot.


Wet and drippy morning










I got out of my car at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo just as the rain was going from a heavy downpour to a light sprinkle. After waiting 30 minutes I was ready to get out. Everything was wet and drippy including me since all of the trees were still dripping on me. The birds were hiding so I started snapping pictures of all of the wet stuff around the gardens. I was trying to be creative catching the light through the raindrops but it’s harder than it looks. I probably could have used a tripod. Next time I’ll throw it in my car just in case.


After the rain


Everything was wet.


Water dripping everywhere.

A young cardinal drying off in the bushes.


Berries dripping.


Yellow flowers were everywhere.


Beaten down.


Wet Carolina wren on the ground.


View from the boardwalk.

It has poured all night. I was tempted to stay in bed on Saturday morning. I decided to get up because I hear that rain brings the birds in. When I headed out to Chesnut Park, the rain had stopped. According to the weather radar it was not going to rain again that morning. I did get a few sprinkles. The dark clouds did not clear up like the news said. It was dark all morning. I struggled to get any decent pictures. I had my ISO up to 3200 but still had trouble getting a clear shot in the woods. The park was flooded, the boardwalks were slippery and the birds were scarce. The few that were there were high up in the trees. Too high to get pictures. At least I was out and got a good 3 hour walk in.