Lake Morton and Circle B Bar Reserve

I do have sad news. Morty, the wild turkey that had been living at Lake Morton for a few months was found dead in the lake. He made it long past Thanksgiving and Christmas. I haven’t heard what had caused it but that’s a tough lake to live on. So many aggressive swans and muscovy ducks there. No one ever said where he came from, he just showed up at the lake and stayed for a while.  I had taken the above in early December.

Ducks were already getting frisky in early December even though we still had a cold spell to get through.

This morning it was dark and cloudy and I was standing at the lake watching the ducks when an eagle fly by. Since the lake was quiet, I left and headed over to Circle B Bar Reserve.

It was a quiet morning. A swamp sparrow came out from the bushes and the trail was full of blue gray gnatcatchers as usual.

Nothing new on the trail this morning. It wasn’t until a visit in late January that I saw a new bird but more on that later.

I did see this mom and her two almost grown kids just walking down the trail. They would stop and sniff into the bushes but then pop back out on the trail and continue to cruise. Raccoon butts are so cute! They stayed in front of me on the trail for a while.

Even though it was quiet it was still a good walk.  I didn’t stay too long, in by 8am and out by 10am.

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Our World Tuesday Graphic

The black masked bandits

DSC_4796 DSC_4792 DSC_4789 DSC_4785 DSC_4783 DSC_4780 DSC_4779 DSC_4775 DSC_4770

I know, raccoons are really just big rats with a black mask, but they are so cute. The babies are curious and always have an inquisitive look on their faces. On the weekend after Thanksgiving, my friend Pam and I made our annual hike at Circle B Bar Reserve. We were talking about the raccoons we saw that same weekend last year. I was commenting on how I had not seen any at the park in a long time. Half way down the trail, we saw a mom with 3 little babies. They were right on the edge of the trail. Several people were standing back watching them. The babies were a little shy and stayed close mom. After a few minutes, the family headed off the trail and went on their way.

Saturday's Critters

Up in the sky and down in the ditch.


The baby great blue heron looks all grown up now.


He still hasn’t left the nest yet.


Looking for Mom to bring lunch.


Big stretch.


On my way out of the park, I ran into a family of racoons.


These guys are way too tame.


Mom in front with 3 babies. They just kept walking towards me.

raccoons 2

 Taken with my camera phone, I finally jumped to the side.


Going past me.


Taking a nap, which is what I plan to do when I get home.

 Skywatch Friday