The usual stuff at Chesnut park

Nothing new on my recent walk around Chesnut Park. The catbirds are back for the winter and you could hear them calling all over the park.

I have to laugh at myself. As I was driving out of the park I saw movement over by the bushes. I stopped thinking “Is that a bobcat?”.  No, just a regular house cat that looks like he’s well fed. I don’t think he had a collar on.

All of the ponds are really pretty with the purple flowers in them.

A typical scene at most of the parks since Hurricane Irma came through.  Huge trees on their sides leaving big holes in the ground and lots of piles of cut up trunks waiting to be mulched.

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My first trip to Ding Darling.

dsc_5485 dsc_5498

A cormorant and a green heron along the water.




A juvenile night heron filling up on fiddler crabs.


The fiddler crabs were out by the thousands since it was a low tide.


Pretty purple.




Mangroves at low tide. You can really see the oysters that have built up on the roots.



The water from the observation deck.

For years I have heard that Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge was the place to go to see birds. Half of Sanibel Island, just south of Fort Myers, is the refuge. It is on the east side of the island and runs along the water. There are lagoons and inlets all along the trail. It’s a paved driving trail over 4 miles long. We must have been there during the off season because we saw very few birds there. The winter snow birds hadn’t arrived yet, it was too early for fall migration and the summer birds had disappeared. It was still a beautiful place to visit.  I walked most of the trail and Brett would drive ahead and then wait for me to catch up. It was too perfect outside to be in the car. I need to get back there in the winter.

Last trip to Circle B Bar Reserve – Skywatch Friday


What is this tricolored heron looking at?


Turkey vulture upclose. They were everywhere at the park.


The trail was full of these queen anne’s lace plants.


The marsh was full of these purple plants. Not sure what they are.


Only a few butterflies out this morning.


A soft shell turtle heading back into the reeds. He was pretty big.


The usual but this was the only one I saw this morning.


A perfect day at Circle B Bar Reserve.

I made my last trip to Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland in mid-May until late fall. It was a beautiful cool morning so the walk was great. But not a lot of animals. No sign of bobcats, otters, snakes and very few birds. I didn’t get to see either sandhill crane family although I know they are there somewhere. It’s that time of the year when babies are grown up, winter ducks and birds are gone and it going to be too hot to be inland. The trail was extremely overgrown already so it’s hard to see down into the marshes. I could hear the alligators bellowing really loud right off the trail but I couldn’t see them. It was a little creepy. Soon it will be time to head to the beach to look for shorebirds.

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