Love is in the air

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All of the pelicans at Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park were getting frisky. The pelicans are in an open pond and are free to go but they all have permanent injuries so they live here. There was lots of action going on the morning I was there in mid-January. The weather has been so warm this winter that the birds are starting families early.


I noticed the tiny pink head just to the right of the bottom of the pelican’s beak. This baby was only a day old. She kept him down low all morning.







This couple had a baby that was a couple of days old. These babies will grow up here but will be able to fly off once they are ready to leave the nest.


Most of the pelicans look like this, missing a wing. Most likely from getting tangled up in fishing line.


Taking a bath in the pond.

It’s fun to watch the pelicans go about their lives on the island at Homosassa Springs Park. Even though they can’t fly away, their babies will grow up and be able to do so .