A walk after work

Baby ducks were everywhere on my walk around Carillon Park after work in late April. It looks like those baby moorhens were sitting on cotton in the first picture but that is some kind of algae growing in the lake.

There was also a limpkin trying to feed 2 little babies.

A few of the other birds on my walk. A yellowlegs, a parrot eating something high in a tree and an anhinga with a snack.

Other critters at the lake.

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Typical birds on a Saturday morning


Crazy young mockingbird.


Great blue heron soaking up the morning sun.


A moorhen taking a bath.


A white ibis high up in a tree.



Wild parrots are common at the Largo Nature Preserve.





A very young little blue heron coming in for a landing. He was a little unsteady on his feet.

Just a few things I saw on my Saturday morning walk at Largo Nature Preserve.

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Man’s best friend is not a dog.


I was walking around the Safety Harbor fishing pier parking lot and saw this guy standing over by the pier.


The parrot seemed very comfortable and at ease with all of the people running around. He was trying to take a short nap while the man stood there and looked out at the water.


The man put the parrot on the rail and they stood there for a while.


After a while, the parrot climbed back on the man’s shoulder.


They walked around for a while. They walked out on the fishing pier and the bird was so calm. I would assume he’s been here before.


They walked around and I continued on taking pictures of other birds and the sailboats. I then saw the man leaving the area on a bike with the bird on his shoulder. Off they go riding down the street. I guess they lived close by.

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On the beach after work


Someone taking a nice vacation. Sailing in between the rain storms.


Stork flying overhead.


Great blue heron walking around looking for a fisherman to steal his bait fish.


Royal terns on the beach.


They were trying to sleep.


Willets fighting over something.


I think this was a tourist walking around with her parrot on her shoulder. She was standing in front of the skimmer area. I wonder what that parrot thought about all of those skimmers running around.


This is what I should have been doing. Sailing off into the sunset.

After work I headed over the beach to see the baby skimmers. It’s funny to see what’s going on at the beach when it’s been just a regular work day. This is a big tourist area but it was fairly quiet on a Tuesday night.