Crescent Lake Park

Some of the ducks at Crescent Lake Park near downtown St. Pete.  That grebe was here in June. He should have been up north for the summer. Maybe some of the grebes stay all year round. Normally they are only here in the winter.

The wild parakeets nest in the water tower near the park. I was able to catch them right along the lake in the trees and feeding right on the ground.

Other usually birds at the park.

Checking me out. No snacks for him.

A beautiful tree across the street.

Views from the park. I always love this view. Seeing the fish water tower in front of the few tall buildings in downtown St. Pete. As I’m coming around the corner at the far end of the park I always remember to turn around.

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A walk at the Botanical Gardens.

It’s always fun to watch the wild parakeets eating high up in the trees. They are so loud that it’s easy to spot them.

Lots of the usual birds at my walk at the Florida Botanical Gardens.

Across the pond, an osprey flies by with a snack.

Just a few plants at the gardens in early October.

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Slow morning at Fort Desoto


Typical butterfly on the flower shot.


It was a slow morning. Not too many birds on the trails.


Even the beaches are quiet with the same ole birds. Sandwich terns where everywhere.


This laughing gull was picking up trash on the beach.


“Lady, can you take to the garbage can?”


The usual oystercatcher on the beach.


Not usual, we saw two parakeets near the fishing pier. These look like they were someone’s pets. They aren’t the usual monk or nanday parakeets we seeing flying around the park.


A juvenile starling on the wire.


There were large flocks of starlings flying around the park.

It was a quiet morning at Fort Desoto in mid-September. We went early to walk around looking for birds and then went to the beach with our beach chairs and books to read. Even though fall migration was just starting we saw nothing in the woods. Even the beaches seemed empty, of both birds and tourists. It was a beautiful sunny day even though it was still miserably hot. We spent most of our time there in the water watching the stingrays go by.