Fall throwback

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In 2010 Brett and I went to Atlanta in early November to celebrate his 50th birthday with his family. The weather was perfect and the leaves were at their fall peak colors. We spent a day hiking Amicalola Falls in north Georgia. We took his niece and nephew with us and hiked the main trail and then up the 600+ stairs to get to the top of the falls. We made a lot of stops along the way to take pictures. Nathaniel was taking a break on the stairs and taking pictures of the water. After having a snack and walking around the top of the falls, we headed back down. The color of the leaves were amazing and I look back on this day with awe. Not only for the leaves but did we really climb all those stairs?  It would probably be a little harder to do 6 years later. Since Brett’s family moved down here we rarely get to Atlanta. I think I need to plan a trip next fall to re-climb those stairs.