A face only a Mother could love

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Not the most attractive bird at the Lowry Park zoo, the Marabou stork is one of the funniest looking. They get a lot of attention as people walk by and comment on them. This is the 3rd year I’ve seen Marabou babies in this spot, right next to the zebras and giraffes. There are two babies this year. One is much bigger than the other and was easier to get pictures of him. Mom was feeding them some breakfast.  This was late March so  by now they are probably all grown up. It’s always fun to see the babies at the zoo.

Funny things at the zoo


One of the African spoonbills in the aviary that you can walk through. He’s looking at me like “What are you doing down there?”


Funny duck trying to hide under a small bush.


Everyone’s favorite, the meerkats.  The one on the right says “I’ll turn my head and you guys do what you gotta do.”


“Did you get all the bugs?” says the one on the left. “The things you do for love.” says the one on the right.


Baby marabou stork born this spring. He’s starting to look like his parents (which isn’t a good thing).


You can always see plenty of injured manatees at the manatee hospital at the zoo. Which is really sad. The pools are always full. They get injured manatees in faster than they can rehabilitate and release them. Most are from boat strikes but a few where still there from getting sick from cold stress in the winter. Those will probably be released soon. One had lost it’s flipper to a crab trap.


Turtles hanging out in one of the manatee pools. “No more parking on the stick.”


The masked lapwing is one of the coolest birds there. He lets people get pretty close.

A had two hours to kill on a Saturday morning before I had a family commitment so I ran over to Lowry Park Zoo to walk around for a while. I was hoping to find wild nesting spoonbills but they did not show up this year. I was still able to find a few things to take pictures of.

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