“Don’t play with your food.”

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Before heading home for lunch, I decided to stop by Lake Mirror in downtown Lakeland to see if there was anything new there. I got out of the car and saw the above ibis trying to gulp down that frog.  He kept walking around, trying to keep the other ibis from stealing it. It finally headed around a building so I didn’t see him eat it.


The mandarin duck couple were sleeping under a tree. The male peaked at me for a second and then went back to sleep.



One of the shelducks stood up to stretch but then plopped back down and went back to sleep. Since all of the critters around the small lake were napping I headed home for lunch and a nap too.

The rainbow (mandarin) ducks at Lake Mirror










Which one doesn’t belong?

After checking out the swans at Lake Morton during the holidays, I took my visiting sister to see more swans over at Lake Mirror in downtown Lakeland. The highlight was seeing the mandarin duck couple.  They now seem to be adjusted to the constant foot traffic around the little lake. They did not fly away and hide when people were walking by.  On this trip I realized there were two mandarin couples there. It would be nice to see little mandarin duckling floating around this spring.