Fun at the zoo in late July.

Not everyone gets to see a barred owl up close. At the zoo you can although I zoomed in on his face to get closer. Mr. Sleepy is permanently injured and lives at the zoo.

Above are some of the parrots that get to fly around the zoo in the mornings.

Pretty lorikeet in the aviary.

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” goes the old saying.  She was feeding him something. Still, I’d be a little nervous doing that.

Another Mr. Sleepy, it’s rare to see a koala bear moving around during the day. I caught this one stretching.

Creepy critters behind glass.

Injured manatees recuperating at the hospital at the zoo.

Fun at the zoo in late July.

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Fun things at the zoo


The meerkats are always on the lookout.


This is a Wolf’s Guenon but I call them monkey pants cause they look like they are wearing orange pants.


These guys win the “cutest family” award. They are red-tailed guenon. It looks like they are having a funny conversation.


Another shot with the baby.


The lorikeets were pairing up. We walked into the lorikeet aviary during that half hour of non-feeding time so instead of sitting on someone’s hand eating, they were all dancing around and pairing up. I’m sure it was that spell of warm weather putting them in the mood.


This is a pied imperial pigeon in the free flight aviary. I love his pretty butter color.


A sun bittern shaking his tail feathers at me. I thought he looked more like a snipe than the american bitterns we have here.


These lined the area around the elephant exhibit. I thought they were pretty cool and told hubby we should put some in the backyard.


Hibiscus blooming everywhere. One thing I did not inherit from Dad was a green thumb. He grew prize-winning hibiscus flowers when he retired and I can’t keep a cactus or air plant alive.

After watching the baby elephant for an hour, we walked around the rest of the zoo. There were several babies at the zoo.  We missed the baby hippo walking into the pond. We could only see the top of his head in the water and we saw the bear cub playing around.  The manatee hospital only had two injured manatees in their hospital urgent care tanks. That’s better than some visits when all three tanks are full. If the weather stays relatively mild like it has been then there should be less cold stressed manatees in the hospital this year. It was a beautiful warm January morning and by the time we left at lunchtime, the zoo was packed.