Growing up on the pond

The young wood storks have such an intriguing face.

Young cattle egrets and little blue herons starting to use their wings and learn their way around the mangroves.

Great egrets feeding their young go on for a long time. The baby egrets being fed already look like adults. I’m sure the parents are glad when they become empty nesters.

More shots from the bird rookery in north Tampa this summer.

Looking for an owl

I stopped by the park not to far from my house on the way home from Chesnut Park. I hadn’t been in a while but was wondering if the owls were nesting again this year. It was too early for babies but I did see an adult sleeping in the tree. This was a good sign.

I would nest here too if I was a bird. The old trees are beautiful.

Nearby in the utility tower are the brown boobies. It’s always been rare to see them here but in the last year, a handful of them have been living in the area. Most days they can be seen on the tower. These were taken with my 300mm lens and extender and I cropped these up so they are pretty far out. You can tell the boobies by the white stomachs vs. the many cormorants or anhingas on the tower.

Lots of birds in along the shoreline at the park.

SkyWatch Friday

House Hunters for birds







It’s the annual wild baby bird season at Lowry Park zoo. Herons and egrets build their nests over the alligator exhibit during the spring. On my visit in late March, only the great egrets already had their babies high up in the trees. The last picture is the only shot I got and the babies were almost fully grown. The rest of the pictures are of a little blue heron couple building their nest together. She was guarding the spot and he was bringing her sticks. They build such tiny little nests. I’m going to try to get over there again in early May to see if any baby blue herons are running around.