More from MOTE Aquarium

It’s not often you get this close to a shark.  Above are some of the bigger things under water at MOTE Aquarium in Sarasota.

The Aquarium rehabilitates and houses permanently injured turtles, manatees and dolphins. The turtle above was missing an eye.

We don’t have crocodiles in the Tampa Bay area, at least not yet. They can be found in areas much farther south including the Everglades. I’ve never seen one out in wild. They look very comical, almost like a cartoon.

Pretty flowers in the water at aquarium.

My Corner of the World

The usual stuff at Chesnut Park


The usual squirrel shot. Hanging upside and holding a nut in his mouth. You know it’s a slow morning if I’m taking pictures of squirrels.


The usual eagle sighting from far away. This is my 3rd since last spring. The first two were late September, they were flying over my car as I drove. This is a common sight in the winter, the eagle high up in the pine trees across the lake.


The usual moorhen and his reflection.


A yellow-throated warbler high up in the trees. Not a good shot but I was just excited to see a warbler of any kind.


The usual lily bud in the water.


The usual butterfly.


The usual dragonfly.


The usual turtle swimming near the dock.


The usual bee on leaf close-up.


The usual alligator eyes watching me.

It was a hot and slow morning in late September. I had heard of a few birds migrating through central Florida but the only thing I could find was the above yellow-throated warbler. Everything else was just the usual at the park.

Shine the Divine