A baby and a common loon.

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Lots of flirting still going on at the least tern nesting site on the beach.  The males bring their girlfriends a fish instead of roses.  There was only one baby but many adults still sitting on eggs. This is a tough area that they picked to nest in. Lots of crows and crabs trying to get to the babies and the eggs. That’s why it’s important the parents don’t get scared away. The area is roped off so people don’t go walking through there. The babies and eggs blend in so well, if someone was walking through with chairs, towels, coolers, etc, they would not see them.


A ghost crab heading into the roped off area.


A snowy egret was creeping along the shoreline.


I saw a rare common loon swimming out in the gulf. I thought he should still be up north until fall. We usually don’t see these guys until late October.

Stuff at Fort Desoto in late July.